Seal caretaker for one day

A Seal Stellendam gives you the opportunity to spend a day working as a seal carer. On this ‘try out’ day you’ll work with an experienced caregiver who also works at A Seal. The program offers something for everyone. It’s open to anyone over 16 years old who enjoys getting hands-on.

The program can also be wrapped in a giftcard. The price of the full program is €185. The program is divided as follows:

  • Assist in preparing the seal food and helping feed the seals.
  • Assist in cleaning the enclosures and any necessary care or medical procedures.
  • Learning about the differences between healthy and sick seals.
  • Learning about how you can contribute to the conservation of North Sea seals.
  • Presentation of the various stages of seal rehabilitation, from rescue to release.
  • Guided tour of the entire seal sanctuary.
  • A Lunch at Zoet of Zout
  • Coffeebreak
  • Receive your “Seal Caretaker for a Day at A Seal” certificate and a souvenir.
  • A few photos of the day will be sent by email afterwards.
  • 1 free ticket for a visit to A Seal.

A Seal is a seal hospital, and seals are the largest predators in the Netherlands. For these reasons, this day is conducted under the guidance of an experienced seal caretaker. There are a few conditions:

  • Minimum age requirement: Participants must be 16 years of age or older.
  • The house rules apply to participants of this program and must be signed and agreed before the start of the program.
  • Reservation, payment in advance, and signing the agreement are required for participation.
  • The program may be subject to changes if the condition of the present animals requires it.
  • Pregnant individuals or those breastfeeding cannot book this program.
  • The language of communication during the program can be either Dutch or English.
  • Which day will be arranged through mutual agreement.
  • For children between 14 and 16 years old: we offer a fun variation of this day called the Junior Caretaker for a Day program. Please check our website for more information under “arrangements.”

For more information and/or registration, please send a mail to